Getting to know Dave Miller of CZ-USA...


Editor's note: This is the first in a series of Q & A sessions with some friends of Gun Dog TV. We begin with Dave Miller who is the Shotgun Product Manager and Marketing whiz for CZ-USA.

Gun Dog TV: How did you first get involved in the outdoors?
Dave Miller: CLAYS!  I am a clay target shooting junkie, first introduced to clay shooting sports at the age of 13. I have based all of my recreation on the outdoors, typically clay shooting or hunting.

GDTV:How did you come up with specific products?
DM: With my 30 years of shotgun shooting experience, I have watched the shotgun shooting industry grow and change. I have kept a close eye on the evolution of our sport of shooting. I also make it my business to study other manufactures and the products they produce so we here at CZ-USA can develop products that fill the needs of specific demographics typically ignored by other manufactures.  Some examples are South Paw Sterling, Lady Sterling, CZ     712 /720 ALS, just to name a few.

GDTV: How did you get to be in charge of your product's marketing?
DM: I suppose it was my knowledge of shotguns that led me to the position I have here at CZ-USA, as this job found me.

GDTV: What sort of experience would you like your customers to have from using your products?
DM: They will understand the value as you cannot buy a better gun for the money.

GDTV: How did you get connected with Gun Dog TV?
DM: It was a connection made via the late and great Tom Knapp.


GDTV: What's your favorite trophy?
DM: Pheasant with half-inch spurs!   His name is Pfred and he’s stuffed on the mantle over my fireplace.

GDTV: What's your most memorable hunt?
DM: Pheasant hunting with my father in Nebraska.

GDTV: What's a dream hunt you'd like to do that you haven't yet had the opportunity to do?
DM: Wild Chukar hunting.

GDTV: Are you a part of any programs to get more youth hunters into the outdoors?
DM: I am involved with several youth shooting organizations: SCTP (Scholastic Clay Target Program), SASP (Scholastic Action Shooting Program), and AIM (Academics, Integrity, Marksmanship).

GDTV: What are three things you're passionate about? 
DM: 1.    Shooting Sporting Clays. I can shoot clays February through October.
         2.    Hunting pheasants with my Springer Spaniels. I can hunt birds October through February.
         3.    Eat Apple Pie. I can eat apple pie year-round.

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